Biological Domain

The biological domain and operational universe recalls in some way a global and distributed data structure and algorithm space, where in-silico experiments could be thought as transparent and automatic computational procedures, i.e. independent from semantics, eterogeneity and distribution of the involved resources and tools.

The bioinformatic metaphor, which aims to identify the whole biological space to a virtual biological desktop, implies in-silico experiments to be able to automatically integrate (and access to) heterogeneous and distributed databases and computational tools.

In this context, Resourceome proposes the combined use of domain ontologies, workflow techniques and agent-oriented technologies to realize a semantic guide for:

  • a flexible domain and operational knowledge organization, thanks to a well-structured ontologization of the biological space;
  • a semantic-driven in-silico experiment formulation, thanks to a framework for assembly of (semantically) well-formed experiments from (semantically) heterogeneous sources;
  • a distributed, automatic, well-balanced and transparent execution of in-silico experiments, thanks to an intelligent agent-oriented layer implementing a Migrating Workflow.

View of the Resourceome Bio Environment